Our Testimonials

Extremely helpful

Yr 0, parent,CDU, Darwin High
An excellent service

Yr 11, parent,Essington

Jay is an excellent Math tutor. My son found the tutoring sessions very helpful to fill up the gaps in his learning and has done very well in Math this year. Thank you for your help Jay.\n

Yr 11, parent,John\'s
Extremely helpful tutors

Jay and Atiqul have been great tutors for my daughter with Year 12 Maths Methods. I highly recommend AiTuition.

Yr 12, parent,Darwin High School

Great tutor for my daughter. Tutor was on board with current curriculum requirements and was able to support and enhance my daughter\\\'s learning. Thank you

Jo Oldfield
Yr 11, parent,Darwin High school

Teo was an excellent tutor. He helped my daughter catch up on all maths subjects. Very prompt correspondence from Atiqul and easy payment options. Highly recommended. \nThank you Teo and Atiqul.

Yr 0, parent,Darwin High School
Highly recommend

Joy has been tutoring me in Chemistry during my last semester of Year 12. She has really helped my understanding of the topics previously covered, as evidenced by my results in my trial exams. I would highly recommend Joy to anyone.

Brittany Goss
Yr 12, student,Kormilda College
Great support

My daughter has been with Aituiion for a few months.You helped her catch up with her maths skills.Thank you.I would recommend it to anyone

N Jubane
Yr 10, parent,Essington
Very worthwhile

My three children have had tutoring with Atiqul and my youngest with Sandhya. They both really helped my children understand the concepts they were working on and bridged any gaps. Highly recommend Al tuition!

James Docksey
Yr 7, parent,Kormilda College
Very worthwhile

My three children have had tutoring with Atiqul and my youngest with Sandhya. They both really helped my children understand the concepts they were working on and bridged any gaps. Highly recommend Al tuition!

James Docksey
Yr 7, parent,Kormilda College
Helped so much!!

My tutor helped me a lot in our few sessions. I was able to catch back up on most that I\\\'d missed and considerably improve my skills in calculus and algebra! I\\\'m really happy with how it went!

Yr 0, student,Charles Darwin university
Very Helpful!

Ai tutors are very good at explaining concepts and clarifying difficult subjects.

Yr 12, student,Darwin High School
Making math understandable

Year 12 math methods can be very difficult to conquer on your own, Atiqul has helped to break down equations and remind me of basic concepts, making harder equations seem easier. I walk out of tutoring feeling more confident every time. Highly recommend to all :)

Yr 12, student,Essington
Very Helpful and Knowledgeable

I have understood the Calculus topic well

Paul Rigas
Yr 12, student,Darwin High School
Learnt alot

the tutoring helped me learn a lot in a simple in easy way especially for long division

James Docksey
Yr 7, student,Kormilda
Helpful and Improved

I have improved in my maths with fractions

Yr 8, student,Darwin middle

Improved on maths during the 2 years attending tutoring, has been very helpful.

Yr 12, student,Essington
Maths has improved considerably

I did tutoring with Atiqul all throughout year 11 and achieved grades higher than I had achieved in my previous year of high school. He is very good at explaining how to do each question and shows little tips and tricks that have helped me a lot.

Yr 11, student,Darwin High

Been tutoring with this organisation for almost two years and have had a great and wonderful experience throughout the whole time.

Mazen Rahmany
Yr 12, student,Darwin High School

AiTution helps a lot and helps me understand the concepts better so i can put them to use during tests and assessments

Angus Elder
Yr 11, student,Darwin High School
Extremely helpful

I have been tutoring with Atiqul for quite some time now and he has helped me make drastic improvements within maths, preparing me with test and class work. i would highly recommend.

Taya Kenny
Yr 11, student,Essington School Darwin

really good math tutoring, easy to understand and enjoy how he goes through math problems carefully.

Lizzy Materazzo
Yr 10, student,The Essington school Darwin
very logical and helpful

I have been coming to atiqul for a year and he is very good at helping you learn things yourself and the fast way to do it and is very knowledgeable on all topics

Eliza Sharland
Yr 12, student,Darwin High School
Really helpful

Atiqul has been tutoring me now for about a year and a half and I have seen drastic improvements in my mathematics. He is a lot better at teaching the core topics,then my teachers are at school. Atiqul is very helpful understanding and patient! I highly recommend attending his tuition

Yiannis Alexopoulos
Yr 12, student,Essington school
Very Helpful

Ai Tuition is great and has helped me consolidate my understanding of many mathematical concepts, much better than my teachers at school. I really recommend it!

Joshua Adigun
Yr 9, student,The Essington School Darwin
Best Maths Tutor

Atiqul is an amazing maths tutor and has helped me through some tough times, would recommend him to a friend!

Sam Bammant
Yr 9, student,Essington School Darwin
Great tutor

I just wanted tutoring when I felt I needed it the most and atiqual was very accommodating in finding times to fit me in to his schedule and always really helped to improve my maths test scores

Olivia Rodeghiero
Yr 11, student,Darwin High School
Really great

Atiquel Is an amazing tutor that can help with any possible equation and make it simple and easy to learn :)

Krista Walker
Yr 11, student,Darwin High

I have been using Atiqul since the start of year 11 and have used him all the way through until the end of year 12. He has been very supportive and helpful and to be honest I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m not sure i would have made it here without him! He is also very accommodating with times and last minute session changes if needed which helped me a lot.

Paul Yavas
Yr 12, student,Darwin High School
I got 94 %

“I’ve already had my [Mid-Term] maths test on surds

Sarina Finocchiaro
Yr 10, student,Essington Darwin Middle School
Atiqul is awesome!

You know you are on a good thing when your 16 year old son walks out of his first tutoring session with Atiqul exclaiming “That was awesome!” Atiqul has been tutoring Jayden Bradley this year in year 12 maths and it’s true – Atiqul is awesome!

Ivana Young
Yr 12, student,Taminmin College
Maths has improved considerably!

I engaged Ai Tuition at the beginning of last term, to tutor my 13 -year-old son in maths, at the recommendation of a couple of friends who have been very happy with the services provided by Ai Tuition. Ai Tuition have provided us with a tutor who is very competent, and effective. My son’s grades in maths have improved considerably, as has his confidence and interest in the subject. I would certainly recommend Ai Tuition to other parents

Julian Barry
Yr 10, student,Essington Darwin Middle School